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Berry Seed Vitamin C Serum

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Our berry seed serum is a silky, indulgent oil serum packed with antioxidants. A pump or two at the end of your skincare routine is all that’s needed to keep skin soft + glowing through dry, cold winter days.


Cranberry seed oil - comprised primarily of linoleic acid (38%) and alpha-linolenic acid (30%). anti-inflammatory, aids with skin regeneration.

Red raspberry seed oil - highest content of any fruit seed for alpha linolenic acid, blocks uv + helps reverse sun damage, retains moisture, adds hydration, nourishing vitamins.

Jojoba oil- mimics the skin’s natural sebum to balance natural oil production, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, aids with acne.

Sweet almond oil- balances skin tone, heals scarring, helps prevent premature aging

Chamomile + geranium essential oils

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